Ways of capturing stories


How would you like to be remembered?

Filmed Biographies:  A beloved gift – filming your life story for future generations. Capturing the spirit of your personal history or honouring the life story of a loved one, a video memoir is a cherished legacy for present and future generations.  Following some initial preparation with you, I usually film interviews over a number of sessions, conducted in a relaxed and conversational manner in your own reflective space, and designed to draw out personal memories, lessons learned, family stories and celebrations of life-changing events. The interviews can be woven together in the editing room with observational video footage I shoot of you and your family/friends, old photos, home movies, and music to create a personal biography DVD. Harvest your lifetime of wisdom by sharing your family history and your experience of being human.

Saying good-bye and leaving a legacy

Video and audio mementos: Often it’s not just about the photos and stories and memories when a loved one passes away. It’s the sound of our loved one’s voice we crave to hear again. Imagine being able to listen to a loved one’s voice in a message recorded just for you, or creating your own messages to leave your closest family members or friends. What precious and powerful mementos to have in times of sadness or celebration.

Often people facing a life-threatening illness are motivated to re-examine their lives and find meaning in their life story. Part of the completion process can be to record messages of love to the people who mean the most to them.

Read Louise’s story…

These intimate messages – whether on tape or video – can be read from pre-written notes and letters, or be spontaneous thoughts, which I record, and then edit out the glitches. Some people include memories and reminiscences, statements meant to heal and mend, or expressions of love and reassurance. Others convey philosophies that they wish to pass on to younger generations, containing their most cherished values and beliefs.

Messages to be played at funerals or memorial services can also be recorded.

To be a person is to have a story to tell

Short Cinematic Essays: These 3-5 minute films for the web, combining interviews, video, stills and music tell inspiring short stories about life and relationships that speak to the heart of the human condition. These films can be commissioned by organisations to show the authentic human side of their work.